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1) (V.) The act of being part of a group or team, but being the only one actually doing anything.

2) The act of carrying a team or group on your back.
“Yah, she’s with Micheal and Phillip, we know she’ll have to be Lebronning that project if she wants a halfway decent grade.”

“Man, I’m sick of Lebronning this whole project - Marcie couldn’t even print off what I wrote!”
by SneakySnake69 June 13, 2018
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Verb. (Leh-brawn-een-g) The act of pulling one's hamstring; The event of cramping of one's hamstring.
"Somebody stretch him out! He is Lebronning!"

"His lack of water caused his hamstring to cramp up, therefore lebronning."
by Anonymous9354 August 30, 2014
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