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Irish slang for someone that you find intensely annoying; someone who sucks happiness and fun out of any event.

Someone may also be described as portraying "dosey behaviour".
Was it Pat that told the coppers that the pub was serving til three lastweek?

What a dose!
by leighaine123 June 17, 2013
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we went to the dead show looking for some doses.
by rue January 29, 2004
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To take or "drop" acid (LSD).
"I dosed tonight for the first time in a while, and it is kicking in now."
-Doug Stanhope, ACID Bootleg
by El Roberto June 26, 2005
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In relation to cars, a dose, is the sound from an intercooler on a vl turbo usually in addition with a pod filter or straight 'dose' pipe. After you back of the accelerator when the turbo has spooled up you hear a sound like tutututu which is very loud.
chuck a sick dose under the tunnel bro!
by SIKKNT April 08, 2006
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a hit of acid/lsd. can be sold on blotter paper, sugar cubes, candy, or drops out of a bottle. doses in their liquid form are generally the most potent.
Hey baby, can i get a dose?
by 420love July 11, 2006
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