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A girl who is extremely intimidating and can make you lose sleep if she gets mad at you. These females are radical feminist and easily tempered.
My girlfriend ShAyna keeps getting mad at me no wonder I'm losing so much sleep! She always talks about woman gaining freedom (such as the "free the nipple" movement) and any opposer of her thoughts angers her very fast. in this instance ShAyna would be considered a Leat.
by KEDANI June 04, 2017
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to be of great skill, acumen, or value; to be wise, hip, or of good repor
Steven is leat, he has a sweet truck
by saq December 05, 2002
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Another way of typing 1337, l33t, leet, etc.
Omg. That was leat. Very leat.
by Phil August 09, 2004
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