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An eye that drifts aimlessly. It gives the person who owns it a semi-retarted look. Sometimes sexy on men.
1."Is he looking at me?"
"Bitch, that is just his lazy eye!!"

2. With that lazy eye she probably cheats on all her tests. I know I would.
by murkalurka January 25, 2009
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The vision you get when you are slightly buzzed from drinking and when you turn your head, it takes a few seconds for the image to catch up.
I'll be drunk soon, I'm starting to get lazy eyes.
by crimhawk November 30, 2010
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an eye that drifts hilariously.
like what Taylor Swift has.
"Man, with that lazy eye, i cant tell if Taylor's looking at me or that beercan"
by xXJeebXx September 05, 2009
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when a guy pisses and it comes out in more then one spray.
i had lazy eye when i took a piss
by josh holmes October 20, 2006
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When you are getting head from a girl and you pull out and cum in her eye so bad it gives her a lazy eye
I was gitting head from this chick when; well long story short now she has a lazy eye.
by Tyson "The Man" October 13, 2004
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