Mid-way through self pleasure you realise you don't have any tissues, noticing your too far gone you decide to let your chest cop the result.
Gus: I was going ham on myself and relised I had to do a layback!
Tobes: Wow thats disgusting!
Gus: Nah man I love rubbing it on my chest
by bodex666 March 6, 2012
The act or process of lying supine on the dodgy carpet while an accomplice pours goon into your mouth straight from the goon bag
Greg - Hey, I feel like a goon layback

Mike - Why wouldn't ya? Naki, get the goon bag
by Mike Jones January 10, 2004
A type of spin in figure skating where youre spinning on one foot, leaning back. There are various hand positions for this, and at the end many people grab hold of a blade with one hand and morph into a beilman.
I have a layback spin in my short program for the competition.