Cheap wine that comes in a box and leaves the consumer with an extreme headache the next day. Convenient because the remains of the vessel can be inflated for use as a pillow after consumption.
I've only got $8 so I guess I'll be drinking a goon bag tonight.
by Biffro Jones March 20, 2004
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Extremely cheap wine, the casked form of goon, calling someone a goon bag implies they like goon.
Goon bags are so erotic, Slade is such a goon bag.
by Leify July 22, 2003
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"The Goon Bag" is a specific location in Garema Place, Civic, Canbera City, Australia. This is a common hang out for alternitive sub-cultures, such as goth, emo, indie, punks, etc.

The Goon Bag is a sculpture of a metal over-sized cushion, which is mounted on black marble 'steps' that rise about a meter off the ground.

The actual sculpture was named 'the goon bag' due to it's metal cushion, that resembles the silver bag that cheep wine (also known as goon) comes in.

"i'll see you at the goon bag today after school"
by person that you don't know. October 7, 2007
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the most amazing thing that has ever hit australia. vodka and cranberry or vodka and blood orange in a box and casked. not technically goon, but affectionately thought of as a goon bag due to australian's lack of knowledge/similarity to the infamous goon bag
person one: dude, i wanna drink goon tonight. or maybe i should drink vodka... but fuck i don't have enough money.
person two: man, just combine the two and get a SMIRNOFF GOON BAG, they're only $22!!!!! and taste GREAT
by loalal November 9, 2010
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You peg a goon bag to the washing line and get a bunch of your mates to gather round. You then spin the line and whoever it lands on has to drink then spin it again.
by Punsexual Cat April 23, 2018
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'A Bag (Gang, Group, people)of Goons (thugs, fighters etc)
Was with a Goon Bag last night,

These Goon bags tried to roll on me
by MR_SHADOWS November 20, 2008
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