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Cheap wine that comes in a box and leaves the consumer with an extreme headache the next day. Convenient because the remains of the vessel can be inflated for use as a pillow after consumption.
I've only got $8 so I guess I'll be drinking a goon bag tonight.
by Biffro Jones March 20, 2004
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an aussie slang term for the those cheap 4 liter wine containers. Due to the excessive drinking in the aboriginal territories and the silver plastic bag inside the carton
the term goonbag evolved.
"... come on everyone throw in a dollar, let´s get a goonbag."
by Backpackah May 06, 2008
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Extremely cheap wine, the casked form of goon, calling someone a goon bag implies they like goon.
Goon bags are so erotic, Slade is such a goon bag.
by Leify July 22, 2003
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"The Goon Bag" is a specific location in Garema Place, Civic, Canbera City, Australia. This is a common hang out for alternitive sub-cultures, such as goth, emo, indie, punks, etc.

The Goon Bag is a sculpture of a metal over-sized cushion, which is mounted on black marble 'steps' that rise about a meter off the ground.

The actual sculpture was named 'the goon bag' due to it's metal cushion, that resembles the silver bag that cheep wine (also known as goon) comes in.

"i'll see you at the goon bag today after school"
by person that you don't know. October 07, 2007
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Goonbag is not just a noun, it's a lifestyle. A goon bag is a person who has no job, doesn't wear shoes, often covered in sand, doesn't go to class, and of course drinks heaps of goon like its fucking water. A goonbag has no money but still blows it all at the casino usually forcing them to eat chicken and cheeses for all three meals. A goonbag BYO's goon to everything they do and solve all of their problems by drinking
Yo those goonbags are always keen to get gooned
by The Goon Squad May 21, 2012
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A person of ill wit who's day is made up of mostly lounging around in their pyjamas. Most "goonbags" would choose not to work if they had the choice but some a forced too because of financial commitments, hence their work life is spent wondering around doing as little as possible talking to people and leaving equipment in carparks.
"Hey Jerry do you want to go hang out with Andy?"
"Hah man, did you see him sitting on his hands? he s such a goonbag"
by OkayFankyou September 16, 2013
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