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To get completely screwed over.

Usually by B&T Electronix, Barnes & Noble, or OnSale.
Dude 1 - "Did you get that Touchpad?"
Dude 2 - "Nah, dude, I got Lawsoned."
Dude 1 - "Ah, shit, I'm so sorry man..."
Dude 3 - "Dark Umber."
by SlickDealzzz September 14, 2011
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To live in a house trailer and take fictitious orders for touchpad while stringing along clueless customers.
Hey Tom, did you get that touchpad you ordered from the guy in the trailer. No Bob, he got my money but he said I have to wait. I think I`been Lawsoned, I know my bum hurts.
by phil-jones September 14, 2011
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The ability to take a sharp and snappy interesting short sentence or phrase and unexplicably expand it to a mind-numbing sleep inducing non-sensical ramble which says nothing of any value but makes you feel as if your brain has been removed through your nose with a rusty knitting needle and smashed with a hammer for a week.

"Hey where's Kev I thought he was leaving with you?.. He was on his way out but at the last minute he got Lawsoned.
..Poor Kev.. we'll expect him at last orders, a week on Friday then.."

Hey did you hear George W Bush's speech on TV last night?
Oh yeah that was a right Lawson...
by Jacko1 March 25, 2009
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To get unbelieveably drunk, or to have an amazing capacity to drink alcohol and remain upright.
I was completely lawsoned last night, I feel terrible today and am hanging
by will.i.iandubya July 19, 2011
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