Laura is the most lovable, sweetest, sexiest girl you will ever meet, she’ll sweep you off your feet when ur not even expecting it. Laura is the most beautiful girl in the entire world, she can make u the happiest person and make your life so much better, Laura is so loyal you know she’ll be there for you in your darkest of times so make sure u spend your best of times with her. I can literally go in for pages about Laura because there is so much to say about her, I don’t think there’s enough words to sum Laura up because there’s so much to her to love. Laura is always compared to an angle because she’s so perfect, but u should know that Laura is very unique so if u find her u should definitely hold her tight and never let her go, she loves to cuddle and kisses all night so make sure you give her loads of those, and btw her lips are incredibly soft so make sure u use them for good use, it’s also great to know that Laura doesn’t just love the mushy stuff, cause if u ever get yourself a Laura she loves to get kinky, that all I will say for now cause you should find out(trust me)
Omg is that an angel, nope that’s just laura
by Hi I’m called Kyle February 16, 2019
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Laura is humbly sweet. Keeps to herself. Men would fall in love if they knew the real her.
Laura loves shopping and smells amazing when she passes by . I’m in love. Who wouldn’t be it’s Laura. I’m her secret admirer.
by Manlymaninlove December 20, 2017
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A beauty obsession of many. Many hate on her while they secretly love her. She’s sophisticated and witty. An unshakable muse with class.
Laura Muse Talented Fiercewoman Inspiring
by Manlymaninlove January 23, 2018
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laura is the best type of girl to be around she has the best smile that will light up your day. she cares so much for her friends and will do anything for them. she loves them so much. laura is usually short with brown hair and beautiful big brown eyes her hair is straight and gorgeous. laura is always in a good mood and even when she's sad she try's not to show it so her friends/family don't have to worry about her. she will always put her friends and family first. a laura will never stabe you in the back or hurt you. if a laura is sad/hurt it's true and she's not lying a laura never gets sad for attention. you can tell her anything and she will never tell anyone. she is looking for the love of her life a sweet cute hot sexy boy that will treat her like a princess and will always care for her. once you meet a laura you will never ever want to lose her because she is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. never take her for granted, you'll regret it because a laura has a smile that will make you so happy and a personality and sense of humor that is one of a kind and a girl that will never turn her back on you. laura would do anything for anyone she cares or loves
damn y did i let that laura go she was the best girl ever
by pineapple spring October 19, 2016
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Laura is a beautiful, mysterious muse. Laura is a goddess, a star, an unrivaled enchantress. Both men and women fall under her thrall.

Petrarch's muse is suspected to be the mysterious Laura de Noves (1310–1348), who was the wife of Count Hugues de Sade (ancestor of Marquis de Sade). Petrarch wrote hundreds of poems dedicated to her.

She is also mentioned in Walter Raleigh's poem, A Vision Upon This Conceit of the Faerie Queen as well as Martin Farquhar Tupper's poem, Laura (from Petrarch).
"My Laura, my love, I behold in thine eyes twin daystars that Mercy has given to teach me on earth to be happy and wise and guide me triumphant to heaven."
by wandering Fire November 07, 2017
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A goddess/beautiful/model material and amazing girl you’ll ever meet, she is someone that you definitely don’t want to lose. Gentlemen, get yourself a Laura because I’m telling you she will rock your world. She is smart, funny and caring. She has nice dark to light brown hair, her brown eyes are like pools of honey and her smile will take your breath away. She may seem like a person who is stuck up but is really not and gives chances to anyone especially when they are funny, and would treat them right. She is super outgoing and loves to party and have a good time. She got a nice body and makes all the guys mouths drop. She likes a lot of guys but only sees one in particular. She also likes to sing and play piano. She deserves the world. She is also a nice dresser and even on a bum rainy day she is still looking amazing. She can turn The darkest days into bright, makes the stars look like they aren’t shining, and could make anything and everyone feel special. She really is the most amazing beautiful, want to hold all day and night type of girl, keep her if you have her:)
Person1:Have you seen that girl over there?
Person 2:Yeah, that’s Laura she’s really beautiful

Person1:I can get lost in those eyes
Person2: go talk to her, she seems to give you signs
Person1: me? I can’t, she is too good for me, i got no chance
Person2: ofc you do because she’s caring and willing to be opened to anyone, just be smooth
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Is a amazing person to know and be around loves to make other laugh but don't take her kindness for granted cause she is crazy and loving at the same time . Has most likely been hurt by someone close to her but still tries to love like she has never been hurt ..Most likely doesn't have many friends cause she likes to keep her circle small
Laura don't fucks with you
by THEONE&&only March 14, 2017
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