1) a creative inspiration

2) A inhumanly awesome band that manages to fuse rock and classical and still make it the best thing ever thus reducing me to tears.

They take everything good in the world, times it by 10, add some mushrooms, and make it amazing. You may burst into tears upon listening to Butterflies and Hurricanes, faint to Our Time is Running out, and possibly die if you are fortunate enough to see them live.

You will no longer need food, water, drugs, sex or whatever else you think you need now as long as you have Muse
Person With Ears 1: Wha...what's playing now? *cries*
Person With Ears 2: it...its Muse

*person one and two die with euphoria*
by ihaveears May 18, 2009
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Only the most amazing, melodically creative band that exists/has ever existed/will ever exist. They show such a sparkling array of talent that it puts every talented person to shame.
The 3 greatest men ever. 'Sex' in human form.
Jon: I saw Muse live last night, then went home and listened to them on my hi-fi. I had such a boner on both occasions. They are the best.
James: I so agree. I used to slag them off, but now i love them more than i love my family. They rock.
by chippendale keith July 17, 2005
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Really the only band you need in your life.

Their music will soundtrack and heighten every emotion you've ever experienced, whilst quite literally blowing your mind, reducing you to tears, making your heart burst in sheer rapture and making you want to bow down and worship at the feet of the three virtuosically talented English musicians who created it.

Like drugs, only much better.
Muse = aural sex.
Muse = Better. Than. Sex.
by citizen e September 15, 2005
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1) A mythical being (usually female), or force said to inspire artists, musicians and writers.

2) To mull over thoughts.

3) A band from the UK largely considered to be one of the best bands around today, critically acclaimed for their live performances.
1) "This is such a good place to write music, I feel like there is a muse over it."

2) "I was just in the shower, taking some time to muse over my life."

3) "I was just listening to some Muse."
by Muzz February 4, 2010
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Muse are a band from Teignmouth, composed of three men - Matthew James Bellamy (vocals, piano, keys, lead guitar) Chris Wolstenhome (bassist) and Dom Howard (drums and percussion)

There style is progressive rock, and they are a fantastic band live. England should be proud they have managed to produce such a good rock band in all the crappy nescafe quick fix music thats around today.

Dom is a fab drummer, Chris is an awesome bassist, my personal fave after Flea, and Matty is a cutey and can do the most amazing vocals, the only person i can think of who is better is the lead singer of COF (cradle of filth)
by Jmtgpa August 10, 2005
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A muse is when someone takes someone famous from real life and roleplay and act like them in their own way.
My favorite muse is Jacksepticeye. I usually make him act tough and unforgiving.
by A pretty swell Grammar Nazi August 27, 2017
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The greatest band in existence. Anyone who disagrees with this statement while not referring to the entity of a Muse fails at life.
If Muse were to be combined into a single, breathing entity, it would likely be Chuck Norris with an electric triangle.
by PossumCuber September 26, 2009
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