A pancake made out of potatoes the Jewish like to eat.
The miracle is that these latkes have clogged our arteries for centuries, and yet, we survive.
by Stiffy May 01, 2004
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A sarcastic thing to say when a friend of yours (Jewish) says, "HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS!". This only works if you are NOT Jewish.
You (Not Jewish): No. You don't get to say that. YOU ARE JEWISH! That would be like me saying "Holy Latkes!"
by Bumsquafer February 04, 2008
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a strange boy who enjoys masterbating after gettin a major irrection from watching his over wieght parents rub eachothers hairy bellys.
whoa u got some tato in u....( its small)
by bob February 06, 2005
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A sexual term for the act of releiving one's feces onto the back of one's significant other, followed by a belly flop onto the pile of excrement, at which time the feces will be made into a nice flat patty.
Sometimes when my grandma is cooking she rambles about the times that she cooked up the infamous flying armenian latke
by kenny<3 July 28, 2006
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The action of cooking something small, quick and portable in case of las second persecution...

in other words:
What to do when needing to run away after committing illegal crimes but a girly still needs to eat.
“oh my god i accidentally posted me snorting cocaine on my personal account. I gotta start meal prepping because we going ✈️✈️✈️ latke on the watke
by Crazy MHSers March 28, 2019
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Latkes laced with marijuana, pot or any derivative thereof. Pronounced PotKeee Latkees
Happy Chanukkah, it's time for some potke-latkes! As one famous member of the tribe once said, 'everybody must get stoned'
by DeeinLA December 09, 2015
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