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The typical teenage foursome created by Strong Bad.
We three can go to the mall!
Whats-her-face, you can go to a thrift store, or junkyard.
by Stiffy February 14, 2004

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It's dot com.
Oh, right. Homestarrunner.Net. IT'S DOT COM!
by Stiffy March 05, 2004

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A pancake made out of potatoes the Jewish like to eat.
The miracle is that these latkes have clogged our arteries for centuries, and yet, we survive.
by Stiffy May 01, 2004

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He's Fluffity, he's Puffity!
(no, really, he's an annoying marshmallow that is the mascott of Fluffy Puff Marshmallows)
I hate that fweakin' marshmallow.
by Stiffy March 05, 2004

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The Japanese version of Strong Bad (Japanese=Blue hair!). He's a crime-fighting superhero if ever there was one! He lives in the year 20X6.
Oww! He spiked my eye! It hurts SOOO bad!!!
by Stiffy February 13, 2004

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A stick person who digs for pudding. Once had an encounter with Stinkoman.
Hey Stickley Man. WHAAAAAAAAAAT are you doing?
by Stiffy April 23, 2004

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Kevin Grumbles's specialty.
I'll give you half a grumblecake if you say something intelligient.
What's that?
You know, a little cake, with some steam and sugar...
by Stiffy March 03, 2004

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