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The Sport that Surpasses Paintball and Airsoft. Its the best sport if you can find the ol dusty acient guns at garage sales. Paintball and Airsoft owe every thing to this game.
Pballer: Hehe Look at my paintball gun hehe, i shot u and ure colorfull now.
Airsofter: Hehe Look at my airsoft gun, oops i jammed it by cocking it to much cause im a crack head.
UBERLaserTagger: HEHE stfu u bitches, "Zaap, Zaap!" hehe now u got ball cancer bitch!
by PooperMkChicken December 12, 2003
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The public bathroom game for males; when in a stall, you and the person in the stall next to you try to pee on each other's shoes under the barrier.
Friend: Hey, why are your shoes all wet?
You: Oh, me and the guy in the stall next to me were playing laser tag.
by Spoony_Bard March 02, 2008
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is when you meet up in a laser tag place in the dead of night to have hott sex
We are gunna have some hott laser tag sex.
by maddie ray April 02, 2007
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