a way of dominating a laser quest game;;really good laser quest junkies do this;;it looks like they are trying to dance;;looks very stupid but is a way of winning the game;;The gun is sideways;;they are constantly moving to not get hit;;the people that always come in first place are always doing a laser tag dance
Amanda:Did you see that guy dressed in the Winnie the Poo outfit?He must be like 60 years old!
Sam:Yea,hes doing a laser tag dance. Plus he is the number 1 player at Laser Quest.How does he do it?
by Macie July 28, 2005
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When one flicks a cigarette butt at another in attempt to hit them
Zack- “you ever play Mexican laser tag?” *flicks cig at tow truck driver
by Tabber September 1, 2021
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The act of shooting at a silhouette in the fog
Yo man I was playing laser tag last night hit dude right in the chest
by Juggalo ginger July 11, 2018
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