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Is the town in Chicago suburbs that has everything you need to never leave. Where new buildings are always going up. Where we are all spoiled bitches and wanna-be-gangstas. But that is just some of us. St. Charles North and East high schools are the big rivals. The good old Charlestowne Mall where we all grew up at one point (where we went on a first date in middle school) AND just because you come from this hott town it doesnt mean you are spoiled rotten by daddy. Watch out Chicago you got some competition!
St. Charles North and East High Schools are full of designer purses and future abercrombie models.Thats what St. Charles is. Dont worry we all arent self absorbed. St. Charles
by maddie ray February 15, 2007
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is when you meet up in a laser tag place in the dead of night to have hott sex
We are gunna have some hott laser tag sex.
by maddie ray April 2, 2007
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