The Sport that Surpasses Paintball and Airsoft. Its the best sport if you can find the ol dusty acient guns at garage sales. Paintball and Airsoft owe every thing to this game.
Pballer: Hehe Look at my paintball gun hehe, i shot u and ure colorfull now.
Airsofter: Hehe Look at my airsoft gun, oops i jammed it by cocking it to much cause im a crack head.
UBERLaserTagger: HEHE stfu u bitches, "Zaap, Zaap!" hehe now u got ball cancer bitch!
by PooperMkChicken December 12, 2003
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Yoooo Ian got his ass beat in laser tag the other day
by COOLERTHANME123 December 28, 2011
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The public bathroom game for males; when in a stall, you and the person in the stall next to you try to pee on each other's shoes under the barrier.
Friend: Hey, why are your shoes all wet?
You: Oh, me and the guy in the stall next to me were playing laser tag.
by Spoony_Bard March 3, 2008
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is when you meet up in a laser tag place in the dead of night to have hott sex
We are gunna have some hott laser tag sex.
by maddie ray April 2, 2007
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A game typically played by little kids and immature teenagers in which two players pretend to shoot each other with invisible laser guns while making shooting noises

A set of rules does not exist and both players can not die. Essentially the game goes on until either player is tired

Requires a very large imagination to play
That teenage girl must either have a really big imagination or just be really weird to play invisible laser tag
by Grade A Weirdo July 20, 2011
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The Laser Tag Theory is something that you have high expectations on a particular thing or activity. But when it comes to fulfilling that thing and/or activity, it is very underwhelming.
Dude i finally went to play a game of Dodge ball with Josh.

Oh damn about time! How was it?

I mean, it was cool. Honestly it could've been a little better.

Shit man, That's the laser tag theory for you
by Hellpablo June 16, 2020
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maunever done by laser tag experts(i.e., assholes); in this manevuer, both arms are raised, the body is always turned sideways towards opponents, the person doing the dance is always jumping around while shooting, and the gun is above the head. This results in the person doing the dance covering almost all of their targets, all of the time (targets on the vest and gun); this dance is extremely annoying to everyone who does not do laser tag every fucking day and just wants to enjoy themselves.
Bob: Dude I got kicked from Lazer Tag today.
Dave: That sucks! Why?
Bob: Cause some guy was doin the Laser Tag dance for like 10 minutes and kept shootin me and pissing me off.
Dave: So what did you do?
Bob: I melee-ed him in the face and the warden saw.
Dave: You melee-ed him? That's so kick ass!
by Cheddar-Bob February 25, 2005
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