Larger than 8 inches in lenght.
You have such a large cock

Thank you

to bad its not big enough for me i need a monster cock.

by Knoledge MasterWoman August 26, 2004
A large penis that Dominic is attached with dangling between his legs
by Bod23 April 29, 2019
A cock larger than 2" in length.
by David McKenzie. September 21, 2003
A man that has a small wee wee
Man : I got a nice Large Cock

Reply : Nah - That shit be small af!
by November 23, 2021
When you got a big sausage downstairs and strut with confidence.
Big John has that large cock energy... he's got a big bulge and big ego to show for it.
by PartyMonkey2000 January 6, 2023