24 definitions by PartyMonkey2000

RobinHooding is when rich guys play Sugardaddy to poor girls.
Dude 1: Why is Nick so smooth with Naomi?
Dude 2: He's RobinHooding her. She steals from the rich while he gives back to the poor.
by PartyMonkey2000 July 25, 2018
Honeytang is when pootytang feels and tastes so sweet... ripe for a good fuck.
I hear that girl Lashanda has got that sweet honeytang... my bro's dick is begging for more.
by PartyMonkey2000 January 6, 2023
A liberal cuck who's a cocksucker.

Libs who mentally jerk each other off with their woke ideas.
Tyrone: Trudeau is a cucksucker.

Ladante: Why's that?

Tyrone: Cuz he sucks the jizz out of liberal cocks when he talks liberal B*S!
by PartyMonkey2000 May 12, 2022
A fuckcrack is a hole or Orphus of a human being that you shove a penis or dildo in and cumb.
Tyrone shoved his big black cock into white Mandy's pink poonani fuckcrack and had a cumb explosion- ebony style.
by PartyMonkey2000 September 14, 2022
Long Dick Energy is when you have pooty-tang slaying confidence, while achieving a hard-on during sex for an extended period of time.
I gots to have that long dick energy to fuck all these bitches tonight.
by PartyMonkey2000 December 31, 2022
A Donald Dump is a big, steamy pile of shit.
Tim: Hey Brody, I had to take a massive Donald Dump today man.
Brody: I bet your bowels are relieved, nothing like a good Donald Dump.
by PartyMonkey2000 November 18, 2022

Hotsome is typically a girl who is single, sweet and spicy, both hot and awesome!All the boys want to go date her!
Person 1: "Damn Dude Delaney is hot!!

Person 2: "Naw Dude Delaney is more that just "hot," bro she's hotsome!!
by PartyMonkey2000 July 25, 2018