A small suburban town 30 minutes north from Philly. Theres alot of drama, and bullshit. Everyone thinks they're ghetto. For every lesbian you have, we have 3. For every pregnant bitch you have, we have 10. No one here has a life, they just do drugs and get locked up.
Kevin: i'm so cool because i'm gangster and i live in Lansdale.
Jordan: i cant step into Lansdale because everyone wants to beat my ass.
May: Lansdale is the scum of the earth, i'm disgusted that i live here.
by fuckkyurrmotherrr July 30, 2008
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An exurb that throws a number of good parades. A little cynical, yes.
Holding hands is a thrill for the Lansdale troopers.
by fastnull January 6, 2011
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1) when you mess something up real bad
2) just the opposite of things that are good pretty much

*can also be used as an adjective(lansdalish), or a verb in present tense(lansdaling)
(guy 1 makes mistake)
guy 2: wow! you really lansdaled that one up!
by brian del March 20, 2008
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lansdale is a little town full of people thinking there in the ghetto , theres a few to that belive they are magical cupcake ninjas and the ones that they can beat up the world , we have 13 year old smokers here who think there so incredibly bad ass because they break the law monthly . lansdale is a cute little town until you see the face of some of the people in it . we also have some interesting hobo's who will beg you for a dollor , but hey there hobo's . in my opinion lansdale is a town gone bad , people think they run it when in reality they dont . and theres always those few good smairtans , the kind that have fun the normal way and look down upon the bad influnces , cause its kinda funny how there all going no where with there lives :)
oh lansdale , what a nice place to live <33
by mark twaain December 28, 2009
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A group of girls who like girls, also known as the lansdale lesbians. These lesbians are not like any other group of girls. They are led by the queen of the lansdale lesbians, also known as L.L. Queen B. Known for drinking beers anywhere they are welcome and getting the most pussy, these girls are the nicest, funniest, most bad ass, nastiest, most clever bitches you'll ever meet in your lifetime.
Yo where are you going tonight?" "I'm gonna hangout with the Lansdale lesbians. We'll probably down some beers and get into some mischief..."
by owlet571 March 25, 2011
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when you shit in a girls pussy and mush her soggy pussy lips to look like a hamburger with extra mayo while whistling dixie.
Ben: Dude I'm starving.
Nick: You should order the Lansdale Lunchmeat Combo.
Josh: I fuck.
by Ben McLaky January 1, 2008
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