A sparsely populated area, that is currently making the transition from rural to suburban, located usually on the fringes of a metropolitan area. Often times, it may be populated by wealthy estates, hobby farms, as well as existing rural towns, and usually with larger, more-mainstream suburban development on the brink of happening.
That exurb is growing so fast that the town can barely keep up the services to allow it to function.
by acb November 15, 2005
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Master Planned Communities that lay outside the ring of city suburbs. Exurbs are where people can live in big, crappily built houses on the cheap, pretend to be rich yet shop at Walmart, while they spend 2 hours a day commuting to and from their highly mortgaged cribs. A place where a trip to the grocery store is a social event that involves a 10 mile drive.Where Daddy feels pressure to lease his teen a BMW, while he makes mom drive the 10 year old mini-van. A place where Daddy spends so much time in the car he goes ahead and installs a TV in the garage so he's more comfortable. An area where Mom never does anything except walk around the Exurb TownCenter in Her JUICY velvet leisure suit,with her 3x's too big ass and crocs. Hell.
I'd rather slit my wrists that live in the Exurbs.
by yup2 April 5, 2011
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1)The vast region beyond the suburbs where exorbatant amounts of money are made by owning land and requiring infrastructure before developers begin seeking acquision when the city and suburbs are so overrun by urban sprawl that another blade of grass will scarcely fit.
2)The defining body of future expansion
"I would feel like a pioneer if I didn't know that Cat6 cable is being run and the exurbs are about to make me millions in the next five years."
by suburban cougar June 2, 2007
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