13 definitions by Ben McLaky

Shaving ones eyebrows, then whipping ones dick out for an hour, while in a grocery store.
Little Boy: Look at that man. His dingle is showing!
Mom: He's just doing a Brendan Fraiser
by Ben McLaky January 1, 2008
Unexpectingly placing ones dick on his/her grandmother's head.
Ben: Okay Granny, close your eyes.
(Ben places dick on granny's head. It's a classic Grandma's Hat)
Granny: Is that a dick on my head?
Ben: Happy Valentines Day! Don't touch it.
Granny: What?
Ben: Okay, touch it.
by Ben McLaky January 1, 2008
A tattoo of a cat that makes a noise when you rub it. However, the tattoo must be on your dick.
Josh: Nice Cattoo man.
Ben: Why are you lookin' at my dick man?
by Ben McLaky January 1, 2008
A very welcome punch to the cunt.
Mom: Hey Nick, how was school.
(Nick punches his mom in the cunt.)
Mom: Yahoo! Thanks for the Randy Quaid Suprise.
by Ben McLaky January 1, 2008
To have a tremendous run of great skill and/or luck, before messing up later on.
Nick: Jamie Lynn Spears had everything going for her man.
Josh: Yeah, she went 16-0
by Ben McLaky January 1, 2008
Pissing on a complete strangers fist. Then yelling curse words into it.
Josh: Come here.
Ben: You just pissed on my fist.
Josh: Fuck! Cunt! Dick!
Ben: Danke Shane for the Golden Microphone.
by Ben McLaky January 1, 2008
A rare plant found in the yetti's den. It is much like a mistletoe, except you must fuck the other person.
Josh: Oh, looks like we're under the christmas dingle. We have to fuck.
Granpappy: Ok, be gentile
by Ben McLaky January 1, 2008