A rich, famous, smart and medium sized human. Mostly male, and he is always pleasant to be with, jovial and funny
1. Lannister, we always pay our debts
2. Dat guy is a Lannister, he is rich
by LANNIBABA February 01, 2020
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In Roman times, gladiators were big money makers. A lannister was a guy who basically was a pimp for the gladiators. Different from a trainer of gladiators. He would usually be spotted in the prisoner camps after a war, picking out the men capable of handling a fight and sending off the rest to their vocations. An HR executive or a talent agency in modern parlance.
Julius, there is a lannister waiting for you at the court, he is here to negotiate the terms for the gladiatorial games next month
by verbiatch July 30, 2020
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Pompous, online, gamer lacking in both talent and modesty. Usually found whining most of the time rather than working on improving skills. Hated by all.
That jaggov, Lannister, is a fuck all douchebag, that plane camps.
by Remover October 06, 2003
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Characters who had great arcs end shitty. Characters who deserved better endings then they were given by the show runners.
Alex Karev was Jaime Lannistered!
by BoredPokaDot March 06, 2020
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Joffrey Lannister is a Game of Thrones character and son of King Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister. He is one of the most hated characters in Game of Thrones,

He started his nasty reputation by lying to Sansa, then going on to execute the Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North Eddard Stark after he confronts Queen Cersei and tells her that his son

shouldn't be king anymore.

Long after the death of Lord Stark, Joffrey decides to torture Sansa and get her to strip in front of everyone, including his family. After she demanded to "stop" talking about her family. Luckily, Tyrion came and rescued her.

Joffrey soon fell in love with Margaery Tyrell betraying Sansa Stark. On his wedding day with Margaery, the tables turned as one of the most richest man in Kings Landing is poisoned by Olenna Tyrell (Margaery's Grandmother) and Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger). On his last seconds, he points at his Uncle Tyrion for the murder and gets him arrested.
Joffrey Lannister is a Game of Thrones character
by xIce_ April 09, 2015
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To be atracted to or engage in sexual relations with a close blood relative such as a cousin or a sister. Taking from the relationship of the twins Jaime and Cercie Lannister of the popular book seires "A Song Of Ice and Fire".
Person 1: My cousin is so hot and she totaly wants me

Person2: Wow dude are you guys going Lannister on me?
by Tyron123 August 16, 2011
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1. A mixed drink consisting of Jameson whiskey and Ginger ale.

2. A character in Game of Thrones described as a "yellow haired shit"
by robb stark January 30, 2012
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