A landwhale is a humanoid organism weighing in excess of 300lbs (although smaller specimens have been reported). They are often seen in the company of other landwhales and humans. Interbreeding between landwhales and humans, although once thought impossible, has been know to occur and produce viable offspring in isolated cases. In fact, it is rumored that humans can turn in to landwhales if they do not follow a healthy diet and excersize regularly; this statement has yet to be confirmed by science. Genus: Homo, Species: cetaceous.
The landwhale attempted to climb the stairs, but had to stop on the 5th step due to heavy breathing.
by TheNaturalist April 20, 2015
A glutton that is so fat that she is unable reach back to wipe her ass or perform other basic hygiene.
Members of NAAFA (North American Association Fat Asses) Found on NAAFA blogspot, Big Fat Blog and other fat acceptance organizations.

You had better get to the buffet before that landwhale does.

Those Wal-Mart scooters must be built like tanks because they can handle some really big landwhales.
by The Real Fat Bastard April 24, 2018
A fat bitch. They eat 27 McDonalds Big Macs for every meal except dinner, when they eat 43.
Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 was a landwhale.
by Bully Bitch May 24, 2016
A landwhale is a fat bitch who exceeds over the scale and is obese as shit. aka hunters type of women.
Ryan: Hey Hunter did you see that landwhale over there?
Hunter: yea, she is looking mighty fine. I should put my penis in her.
by Funwithryan on YT January 13, 2020
A grossly overweight female who tries to come off as attractive but is obviously aware of her large stature.
Guys, remember when Mary used to go to the gym?? Now shes let herself go and became an epic landwhale!!
by spunkjordan November 5, 2021
A large mammal, or, whale. Not to be mistaken with the under water whales, a land whale drags itself around with it's flippers and moans.
You're the biggest blame landwhale in the jungle of landwhale.
by Sour Landwhale November 15, 2012
A hilarious term used to call “big-boned” people fat as hell preferably women who think they’re hot bitches
Chay: Oh I’m so hot
Alex: You’re a fucking landwhale
by TheRealistAsshole February 8, 2023