a word used to describe a person, usually male who stares at someone of the opposite sex as they walk past. Sometimes there are catcalls involved, but it usually causes the person being checked out to look down and walk away really fast...it comes from the tendency of many landscapers or garden workers to follow this pattern. It also refers to a desire to do things to her "landscape", rather than having any interest in her as a person
girl 1: did you just see that guy checking you out?
girl 2: yeah, ew, he was such a landscaper!

girl 1: OMG, theres that kid in my math class-total landscaper- whos been staring at me for weeks! I don't want him to see me, hes totally gross!

by eminemski November 12, 2007
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Landscape (mode) is the definition of turning your mobile phone 90 degrees after you have selected to watch a porb clip.
This ass looks much better in landscape mode.
by CyborgGR November 20, 2018
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What you do when you're road tripping.
T.J.: Dude, you alright, you doing okay? You got the munchies?
S: I’m cool; I’m just landscaping right now.

by Gamelegs April 09, 2009
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Stalking human on human perpetration that manifests in brutal theft of newly planted shrubs, pernennials, or potted annuals. Plant owner is left with a hollow empty feeling of loss, regret, and guilt. Was my landscaping really so tempting? Should I have dialed it back a bit? Less blossoms?
When you come home from work and you are like where the hell are my plants? The real thing America. First world problem. This is landscape rape.
by Gwenner June 19, 2015
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the act of being a complete homo, or a word used to increase your chances of hurting someone when cussing them out
god, that jalin kid is such an anal landscaper. Who the hell flirts with their football coaches?
by napoleonniggermuffin April 26, 2010
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(noun) - A smartphone video setting and standard by which all real life violence is captured, typically by bystanders that simply want to document the situation for their YouTube channel rather than diffuse it.

This is the opposite of picture mode.
- You see the brawl at Bath & Body Works in Scottsdale? Them womens is rowdy!!

- I was right there when it was about to jump off yo. That worker punched the customer! Haha

-So what did you do? Stop it?

- No way, I took out my phone and but it on landscape mode unlike those other amateurs.

- So they went to Bath & Body Works, and now their Back & Body hurts 🤣🤣🤣🤣

by $lapaho March 10, 2021
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