Someone of immense power, unmatchable by anyone else.
"He just beat up 20 people blind-folded"!
"He's Haynes".
by Barry Butcher February 24, 2009
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To be someone who has slept with the entire boys' football team.
Person 1: "Dude look at Gabe, he's such a haynes!"
by Pej-e April 20, 2009
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Noun. A Haynes is a little boy who never grows
"Aww, it's a little Haynes if ever I saw one"
by IANDAG August 28, 2006
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Haynes is the common term for most northern folk to imply homosexual feelings to one another. Often incorporated into traditional English speaking, it's used to soften the blow to parents of homophobic tendencies.

Originating from Greek mythology, Haynes was the God of the homosexuals, the Gay and lonely God.
"Dad ... Mum ... I'm a Haynes diciple"

"Do u see the haynes sat on his own"

"Did you hear that Haynes sucked off that guy at the beach, and pulled some guy off in bed?"
by Blackpool Sixth Crew September 3, 2008
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The adjective used to describe the coolest kid in the world. Someone who is called this generally gets his/her ass kissed a lot. Someone described as this is best known for setting garbage cans on fire and breaking body parts and going to parties after.
1.Did you see that kid? He broke his knee then went to a party, he was so haynes.
2. when bob marley came on he lit the garbage can on fire, what a haynes
by floridahighschool February 8, 2008
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The word you use for a kid who is the coolest kid in the world. Generally his ass is kissed by most people around him. Best known for lighting garbages on fire, and going to parties after breaking body parts.
1.Did you see that haynes at that party? he was dancing like a crazy mofo at that party and his knee was broken.
2.Man, that kid is such a haynes, when Bob Marley came on he fucking lit that garbage can on fire!!
by floridahighschool February 8, 2008
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A short, fat, gay, nerdy hobbit.
Oh Gods. It's a Hayne! Only found on the heights of Machu Pichu, on the slopes of Mt. Pie. OMG IT'S AN ALBINO.
by Alex Hayne December 6, 2004
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