Much similar to the definition hooptie, but in this case so fucking raggedy the car either can have a cloths wire for a door, broken seatbelts, makes strainge "clunka clunka" noises when its driving suggesting something is loose and dragging from the car, have a dishrag for a gas cap, have a paintjob with spraypaint, have 5+ different colors of paint on it, get less than 5 miles a gallon, or all the above.
"god fucking damn, joshs car is such a clunker"
by some guy March 1, 2003
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Anything which is so worn-down and clapped out that failure is inevitable. May also be applied to movies in the same way that turkey is, denoting a movie of such awfulness that it defies belief.
"I hate to say but today's been a real fuckin' clunker, know what I mean?"
by Mr Ben February 8, 2005
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A half full beer left over from the party the night before.
I came downstairs this morning and the living room was littered with clunkers.
by Wizmasta January 3, 2009
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a person in burlington, vt who rummages through recycling bins to find cans and bottles he or she can return at a grocery store for money. they make a lot of noise. they also stand outside and wait for you. they're creepy. beware.
When I went to take out my recycling, I saw a clunker outside waiting for me. AHHHHH!
by scaredinburlington August 25, 2009
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a girl who you wouldn't date, strictly reserved for fucking
by clunkermagnet October 14, 2010
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A dirty chunk of snow and ice that builds up inside a car fender in the winter (and eventually falls off). Also known as a car booger or a slurd.
I wish they'd fix that road; it gets so many potholes after a thaw that it knocks all the clunkers off everyone's cars.
by Aaron of Minneapolis January 23, 2008
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An ugly piece of shit car that you should be embarrassed to drive.

Usually has doors hanging half off, desperately needs a paint job and looks like it's worth 2 cents.
Check out Sara's clunker. She's as ugly as her car.

If cars say anything about personality it would say the person driving that clunker is dirty and poor.
by nastyyx November 14, 2008
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