A term used to describe anybody in an internet chatroom who wants to pick a fight.
"I was in Google chat last night & some fucking Laptop Lancelot kept trying to start something with me"
by The Barse September 21, 2007
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This medieval dude got his name (Sir Lancelot)... because he had to lance so many of his own boils!!!
by Major Thomas Randle September 25, 2018
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The look a girl gets on her face when you hit the womb: you always know when you've hit the womb on that definitive stroke. Sometimes combined with a retraction of the pelvis and gutteral "Oohh" noise
You either are familiar with the Sir Lancelot or you have a small penis and feign familiarity with the above.
by E-Dagget February 3, 2007
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When a well hung dude gets a prince albert, not to be confused with a Sir Lancelittle, a prince albert on a lesser endowed dude
John Holmes just got a prince albert!
(A Sir Lancelot)
by Anne Hartigan April 16, 2009
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Lancellot is the person you go to when you need a good laugh; he's hilarious. He is extremely handsome and has a wonderful smile, and when he does, you can't help but smile back. He is very smart (but humble) and understanding, and will always be there for you, no matter what. He is extremely respectful and respected because of his attitude and his tendency to be polite and considerate of others. He's absolutely adorable. He is just the right amount of everything.
by _boyboy_123 November 21, 2021
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