Lana del Rey, most known as Lana del Flop, is an american transsexual woman.
Often conflated with the Hungarian Suicide Song, her music is known for being used in Satanic rituals to drive kidnapped victims to suicide.
"Is that Lana del Rey?"
"No, it's Caitlyn Jenner !"
by Lmaochanelbye December 28, 2017
q:yoo ko je lana del rey?
by hoe777 August 3, 2021
Someone depressed in their room, with no life. But somehow, by listening to Lana Del Rey, it gives them a life and meaning. I love you, and also, stream lana del rey March 10th, 2023
Person 1: Yo, where's Kenneth?
Person 2: His name's Kevin now. He's prob in his room listening to music.
Person 1: Why?
Person 2: Idk Lana Del Rey Reference ig....
Person 1: wow, what a lana del rey fan
by Ackzek December 7, 2022