The act of using women's pantyhose to dress as a nun, nailing another man, screaming 'hallelujah' once the ejaculation is inside him.
I tried the Christopher last night with my nephew
by Jshizniz July 14, 2017
Chrostophs are f*cking hot! Tall and talented, even artsie. He may have a hard shell and look like a though guy but when his nerdy, soft side comes to the surface, he will really blow anyone away. Everyone should have a Christoph in their lives because he's the best person and friend you could ask for. He cares about the small things and is always sincere and sweet. Christophs are also great in bed ;)
You see that great guy over there? Yeah, he's my Christoph.
by Carolinebee July 1, 2017
Christopher is a very unique dude. Incredibly smart, yet hilarious too. He can be incredibly sarcastic, which he uses as a defense mechanism. He struggles with self esteem. Always feels bad about himself, and will unfortunately struggle with that for a very long time. Do you know a Christopher that goes to therapy? Yet he is a very special lad, and make sure you keep him around, cause he’ll always make you laugh.
Chad: I can’t stop laughing!
Carry: How come?
Chad: I just hung out with Christopher.
Carry: oh no... you may never stop laughing!
by SophisticatedSoap March 9, 2019
Really kind guy. Always funny and respects everyone. Always has the best friends! Awesome guy. Always happy !
by Bazinga2013 January 14, 2013
The nicest guy in the world. He slowly keeps into your heart and warms your soul with the gentlest of ease until you feel like you never want to let go. He catches you by surprise with kisses in elevators and nights with the soundest of sleep. When trying to leave the bed he can pull you back with just the simplest of glances... yes, he is a keeper.
A Christopher is Lance Armstrong, Peter Vanderkaay and Steve Prefontaine all rolled up into one.... just YES!!
by head over heals November 8, 2010
Maybe when you first meet a Christopher they'll seem like a jerk, and hurt you emotionally multiple times, or possible make the lamest jokes but one day he'll make up for it all, the best he can. Christophers will eventually realize the love that they've stored in a safe place for you. Christophers usually have the most gorgeous smile out there, and the most seductive voice. They're someone you wouldn't mind spending the rest of your entire life with. They have a tendancy to spend more time thinking of what to do for someone else than themselves. Christophers love adventure, new things, something to get their blood rushing and heart pounding.

I love my Christopher, forever and always.
That soldier, he keeps me sane.
Take a deeper look at your Christopher before you let go, he might be the best thing that will ever happen to you.
by Cece Leighann January 21, 2009
Christopher name meaning bearer of christ. Christophers are usually handsome, caring, generous, and funny guys. They are very loving and compassionate. They will sit there and hold you till the sun comes up. They will make you soup when your sick and stand by your side when your going through a tough time. They aren't afraid to beat anyone up that hurts a loved one or friend. They are very marture. They love fast cars and motorcycles. They hate taking many pictures and hate to smile. They aren't looking just to have a fling, they want to fall in love. They make many girls fall in love with them, just by the thoughtful words they say. They aren't really into Valentines Day, only because they show their love for someone all year long. They love to be adventerous and daring. They can help anyone in any situation and give some of the best advice. They also make good looking babies. They are just the best type of guys to fall in love with.
I just got some of the best advice ever.
You must of got it from a CHRISTOPHER.
by 081508 February 14, 2010