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South african slang, can mean many thing such as; cool, nice, awesome, lit.
Hey yo pierre, how's the party?

Yo you should have come to that bitch, it's so lakka!!🔥🔥
by Yopierre October 08, 2017
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"Lakka" is a Norwegian word which is often used in connection with the word "hakka" - "hakka-lakka". It means the bad smell of strong spices and food from foreigners.
(on a bus)
- What is that awful hakka-lakka smell, I need fresh air!
- It's that man over there (a man from a hakka-lakka country, for instance India, Mid-East)
by Anette & Elissi April 06, 2008
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A word used to define a form of excitment or happiness
You Skeem I feel Lakka when I see you with my girl.
He felt lakka when he kissed the girl
by Liso_menace October 11, 2017
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slang North East word for railway lines.
aw howay, let's put our toy soldiers on the lakkas and watch the train squash them.
by white rat March 02, 2007
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