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A term for a certain degree of OCD. Examples of symptoms include:
-tendency to use hand sanitiser too much, to the point of taking baths in it.
-refusal to wear tampons, ever.
-generally attracted to guys named scott, jack, tyron etc.
-takes their siblings with them on dates
-laughs alot a jokes that aren't even that funny, ending up clapping like a retarded seal
-is the one person in the group of friends that everyone takes the piss out of

If you meet a 'Sciacca-lakka' keep them around for when you're feeling down, because making fun of them will make you feel better.
"Man I'm feeling a bit like a Sciacca-lakka today, i cant stop putting on hand sanitiser"

"The way that person is laughing at that joke reminds me of a Sciacca-lakka because it's not that funny"

"That chick must be a Sciacca-lakka because she likes Scott and Jack!"
by Thorpe-ion Scorpion November 19, 2012
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