A gentleman or lady who is not of sound mind, generally used either in jest or in reference to a short temper.
About a person: "Alan? He's lakes! I saw him flaking two knackers the other night!"
by Mike Flaherty December 28, 2007
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Lake Michigan, the largest and greatest lake in the United States and one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. Chicago, Milwaukee, and Gary are the principal ports reveling in the austere beauty The Lake.
I hear there's a Bastille Days 5k run near The Lake on the 14th.
by Nelly of Greendale February 20, 2004
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the lakes, a bonus track on folklore, Taylor Swift’s 8th studio album
the lakes is a masterpiece of a song
by swiftielakes July 11, 2021
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To ejaculate an immense load on a female's face to the point where she physically can't breath (aka drowning in jizz).
"My bitch went laking last night. I shot so much on her face she nearly drowned."
by WordMasterP October 23, 2013
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Lake Superior: Largest freshwater lake in North America.

Also known as Gichigami.

Bounded by Ontario and Minnesota to the north and Wisconsin and Michigan in the south.

Dumping this body of water out on the contigual United States would result in 2 feet of standing water over all lands while filling the Grand Canyon.

The Lake is big. Big like an ocean where you can't see the other side.
by dolemiteny2k March 8, 2006
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Verb used to describe various activities that occur on a lake.
Dave: Fuck it's hot out!
Ben: I concur, we are going laking today.
by M.H.Y. June 4, 2010
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When a girl ejaculates during sex due to deep internal stimulation, and leaves a nice lake on the sheets. It then feels like your balls are sitting in a lake.
I've had to change my sheets three times this week because my girlfriend keeps laking!
by ramm69 March 15, 2014
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