1. (v.) The act of forcing another human unwillingly into a lake.
Guy #1: Please for the love God do not lake me in that lake that you will force me into unwillingly.
by ORLY OWL November 11, 2007
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To be very stoned/high/ on Thc.
Mike and I got super laked before our adventure.
by Ryxn_jxmes May 23, 2015
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bri'ish boy who likes purple cats and tall evil men ig
by 🌸 October 12, 2021
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To offer commentary on something - usually political - without knowing much about the issue at hand.

Often, a person who is Lakeing will let you know that they are doing so (often inadvertently) before they offer their "insight."
Joe: Now, I don't know too much about Social Security, but...*rambles on and on*
*Everyone else thinking* Oh damn, he's Lakeing again.
by TheAntiLaker October 2, 2012
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Laid + Baked = Laked.

That is, when you have sex while very high on marijuana, for example.
I prefer getting laked to laisted...I generally make better decisions that way.
by letsgetlaked March 6, 2011
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To like someone in a sexual way; lust for; perverted way of saying "like"; you kno, its LAYke
You lake him dont you, you perv.


He lakes her I can tell because he's nastying over her.
by CAREY and CYNCHA January 17, 2004
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n. A person who is not nice.

adj. lakey. Slipshod, not up to par.

Etymology: unknown
"He ain't nothin' but a big lake!"

"That dress is lakey, Jane."
by Phil DeYoung September 12, 2004
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