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To lay in bed with your lover many hours after you've woken up. It is a very pleasurable, very romantic state to be in. This time is usually used to talk, kiss, make love, watch tv, or drift in and out of sleep.
We extended our checkout because we were laid up all morning.
by Lucas McKenzie July 31, 2010
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a state of near-somnolence, generally requiring a cushioned surface at least 2ft. tall and the covering afforded by your oldest blanket (which I hope you have a name for; mines called the Nana) of all exposed body parts, with the exception of your face, the eyes therein soon to be filled with whatevers on the Telly. This behavior will manifest either post-work, finals, hangover, sickness and subsequent convalescence. While one can by all means be laid up in a bed, the couch affords a more beneficent vantage of the ebb and flow of roommates and friends. Nonetheless, he or she who is laid up will often be immobile and even those most affectionate are wont to shun your touch. Pretty much synonymous with Stove Up, the latter with connotations of multiple SLEEPING individuals all laid up in a room of bunkbeds, also it is more likely when you see this usage that EtOH had a hand in the precipitation of their obtunded state.
Calling home on way home 15 mi from work:

"Hey Millah Scrillah, whats Mel doing??"
"Oh, she just got back, shes laid up on the couch watching Six Feet Under."
"Niceness, be there in 5."
by clark lander smith February 15, 2008
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