1. Equivalent of male slang and connotations that surround the word "balls," altered to accommodate women with the same characteristics
ex: "He loves my balls" becomes "He loves my ladyballs."
"She did that?! It takes extreme ladyballs to do that."
"You need to realize that he loves your ladyballs, Grizz."
by nihilisticexistentialism September 11, 2011
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The act in which a girl is in an argument and the antagonist says something so rude where you tell them to suck your balls as a female.
Karen: Ha you look like a burnt potatoe
Sarah: Suck my lady balls
by Murderhutfortnite July 12, 2018
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Lady Balls are ovaries ya morons, cause ladies don't have testicles. That's why it don't hurt a lady when you kick her square between her legs like it would any uncastrated dude. But try kicking a lady in the ovaries and she'll be spitting out retard babies for the rest of her reproductive life.
I swear to God if that bitch packing my groceries threw that 5 pound bag of oranges on top of my organic eggs I'm going to jump the counter and judo chop her square in the Lady Balls! >_<
by tonyfamous February 24, 2011
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