When a girl has the "balls" to do something
Damn she's got some serious lady balls to be doin that.
by Lady Ballers May 3, 2011
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The act in which a girl is in an argument and the antagonist says something so rude where you tell them to suck your balls as a female.
Karen: Ha you look like a burnt potatoe
Sarah: Suck my lady balls
by Me_no_never July 13, 2018
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Lady Balls are ovaries ya morons, cause ladies don't have testicles. That's why it don't hurt a lady when you kick her square between her legs like it would any uncastrated dude. But try kicking a lady in the ovaries and she'll be spitting out retard babies for the rest of her reproductive life.
I swear to God if that bitch packing my groceries threw that 5 pound bag of oranges on top of my organic eggs I'm going to jump the counter and judo chop her square in the Lady Balls! >_<
by tonyfamous February 25, 2011
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Sally passed the basketball to Jane and it hit her in the Lady Balls
by Nibiru33 March 10, 2010
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An alternate name for all those people who hate Lady Gaga.
"I drove home with my mate, and the cunt only had a Lady Ball Gag CD, I fucking hate that Ball Gag!"
by The Fergal Sharkie July 11, 2009
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