The Nostalgia Critic is a well known comedian that has grown widely throughout Youtube, and the internet alone. With his act of reviews involving many Retro and present content of media, Such as movies and Gaming. As well as other videos relating to other relation. With 5 Second Videos &, He will continue to become known for his skills after time.
I went on to see Some of The Nostalgia Critic's Videos!

Hi I'm The Nostalgia Critic, I Remember It So You Don't Have To!
by SalThps July 11, 2008
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A man who was once an internet God. Now, an internet punchline.
A: "Hey you want to hear a Joke"
B: "Sure"
A: "The Nostalgia Critic"
B: (Laughs)
by j@mbo February 11, 2021
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A challenge where a person must not watch Nostalgia Critic for the whole month of November.
Should they fail the challenge, which is very easy to do, they must set their avatar on all of their social media accounts to a picture of Doug Walker for the rest of November.
Person 1: "Are you planning on taking the No Nostalgia Critic November challenge?"
Person 2: "I already failed it."
Person 1: "But it's only 12:05AM on November 1st."
Person 2: "It's a very hard challenge."
by _retard November 1, 2021
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Angry Video Game Nerd VS. Nostalgia Critic is an 2008 Film directed by James Rolfe that premiere on, The Video would go on to get over 800k views. The video is about The Angry Video Game Nerd clashing with The Nostalgia critic two Youtube Entertainers with similar content styles. The video would include effects. The video would end with The Angry Video game winning the battle.
Person 1: Bro, did you watch Angry Video Game Nerd VS. Nostalgia Critic?

Person 2: No?

Person 1: WATCH IT!
by "The Fiend" Jay Wyatt May 21, 2021
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