A game similar to rock paper scissors shoot. The game begins with both players having there hand in the pound position. One player (the charger) moves his fist towards the other player (The receiver). The charger wants to get the same hand motion either a pound or a high 5 while the receiver wants the opposite. Sudden death or first to 5 are the common scoring systems. Game was created because of those awkward times that you go to give some one a high 5 and they give you a pound back. Invented at WHRHS.
Hey you wanna play rock paper scissors shoot? No way I'd rather play this new game called 5 pound.
by Hirschey January 22, 2008
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an answer to any sexual inuendo said in a northern english voice "five pounds" can be said whilst rubbing your bended legs . Think it comes from a combination of vic reeves rubbing his legs and mark and lard ex radio 1 DJ saying "5 pounds" ...prolific in the midlands
builder "the scaffolding has been erected"
surveyor "5 pounds" can be whilst rubbing legs
by blagnbone April 17, 2008
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A Comeback sure to insult the person.
Coy Trantham: Bitches these days..

Isabella R.: Dont be mad just cause your a 5 Pound Bitch!
by Isabella R <3 September 8, 2011
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A comeback used towards anothers sassyness.
Coy trantham Your a dumb bitch

Comeback: And Your a 5 Pound bitch :O
by Isabellaaaa August 6, 2011
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a phrase used at the end of a story that had really no point to be told to someone. used at the end of boring stories to make them seem more interesting and worthwhile.
"yesterday i went to the fridge and took out a yogurt but put it back and got an apple instead.

...and then i found 5 pounds."
by rarehairdude May 17, 2010
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Days where woman can gain 5 pounds and not worry - at least, for a week.

These days are

Superbowl (must be watching for this to be acceptable)
Easter Sunday Brunch
Man, what a pig-out yesterday. Thank god it was Woman's 5-Pound Holiday, or I'd be in trouble!
by l@lal@ May 7, 2009
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