A word used to abbreviate "gay as" as in bad (not homosexual).
That game that I bought from Bob is really Gazz
by Fredinator October 24, 2005
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Something like Ğazz or Ģazz; Any blinged out version of Jazz.
Yo, dig my bombastic Ğazz guitar.
by Brad Harper November 18, 2003
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To push an ally out of cover when being pinned by suppressive fire in an FPS.

Etymology: The word is a reference to a "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" character known as Gaz, whose AI is infamous for pushing the player out of cover during the game's "Campaign" mode.
Person A: I need some cover! they're cappin' the hell outta us!"

Person B: Hey! Quit pushin! Don't Gaz me Bro! Your GAZZING me!
by Darth Thanatos April 29, 2010
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When a person prematurely stands ready at the door waiting to leave, while the remaining party haven’t even began preparing for their departure, ultimately harassing the others to leave vital necessities behind and often causing delays, back tracking and headache...
Stop gazzing us mate, we’ve got loads of time...

Sorry I’m late, He totally gazzed{ me out of the house tonight, I didn’t even pick up my tickets and had to go back
by AimiZing March 02, 2018
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Can also be known as 'milkie'.
Would rather masterbate over a pack of hobnobs. Gets a hard on while watching men flex in the gym. Favourite hobby rubbing his pecks on rowing machine.
Look at that man with his dick in a pot of tea , he's such a gazz !!
by Millie0909 January 14, 2015
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