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past tense of Lacerate; to tear roughy, cut, or mangle
Bob had some major Laceration wounds to his neck and limbs he got messed up so much.
by Macquarie October 05, 2008
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A deep wound caused by intense friction during anal penetration or being cock whipped hard enough. Often caused when two males sword fight with limp erections.
My ass wouldn't stop bleeding from all the lacerations Steve's thick, dry cock gave me.
by Liquid Pie May 21, 2008
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A deep snowboarding cut made into the side of a mountain that results in a big plume of spray and a noticeable gash in the snow.
That was so sick! I had to lay down a couple lacerations between those trees... dude, hand me that lipper.
by Dr Slash February 18, 2010
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