A hallucinogen that is known to cause psychedelic visuals and an overall feeling of euphoria. It should only be taken by intelligent individuals (I cannot stress that enough) who already have a general knowledge of the drug's effects before usage.

LSD should be taken in a safe, friendly environment. A sitter, a voice-of-reason, is also recommended.

It's by far, my favorite drug. I would recommend it to anyone willing to explore and expand the mind.
user1: Dude, I think i'm melting into the couch!

user2: That's because you ARE melting into the couch.

user1: Wait, wait.. No i'm not, just feels like it.

user2: ...oh. I love LSD....
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Love Simple Deathless

LSD can expand your awareness and perception. It can evolve your understanding of life, the universe and love and the nature of reality and yourself. It's huge! It can be incredibly theraputic. It is very important to be with someone who is NOT judgemental and someone you TRUST. Who will be a "trip sitter" with you - whom you can talk to and share your insights and feelings if you need to. I highly reccomend being in nature as a way to connect to life. That is Sooo MUCH better than tripping in man made and other artificial unnatural environments. I love music etc., but solitude is very important to process the insights that come up.
Safety, trust and nature - are VERY important when you are tripping - for you are VULNERABLE when you are tripping. It is possible to have a bad trip if someone predatory violates your trust - like a cop or a sexual perv for example. On a 'bad trip' instead of connecting to life and love, LSD reinforces your fears instead of your capacity to feel, recieve and give love. Be careful! cuz LSD can have _long lasting_ postive or negative effects. At its best, LSD is transcendental and can help you advance your consciousness. I prefer psychdelic mushrooms instead of synthetic drugs. In anycase, approach with respect and don't give into fear. Its not just about recreation but about wisdom and evolving your consciousness as a human being.
by Advance Consciousness November 12, 2007
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"its been proven to increase your risk of psychotic illnesses and depression, and organisations like the armed forces will not take anyone who has ever done LSD in their lives."

nobody listen to this fucktard. it's been proven to increase ANY feeling. euphoria, depression, etc.

and the armed forces don't reject lsd users, it's the other goddamned way around. it's pretty funny how consistently the media will spin the truth 180 degrees. the army tested it on soldiers and the very first thing they wanted to do was get the hell out of the armed forces. so if you take lsd, don't worry about joining the army, because you won't want to anyway.
dock ellis pitched a no hitter on lsd.
francis crick discovered the double helix on lsd.
eminem thought of the slim shady alias on lsd.
the lsd fueled 60's was musically, the best decade.

"Kyle: Well… maybe I'll take just half a hit of acid."
"Ike: I want three. ..."
by the real god September 04, 2007
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An extremely potent hallucinogen, capable of creating intense visual, and aural distortions. Seeing colors and smelling sounds.

Highly intensifies musical and personal experiences. Recommend use with a sitter who has experienced the drug to maintain a comfortable atmosphere.

The most important part of taking LSD is set and setting. Make sure you are in a calm, friendly environment. Also have a goal for the trip in mind, allowing you to focus on one thing and gain new understanding of the matter by being open to suggestions normally not introduced to your brain.
I ate lsd laced with mescalin and tripped for a solid 36 hours.
by eric denton February 09, 2006
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LSD= the power to see through reality to what really is and what really matters. It gives you the ability to look out side you self to a grater point of view of life and a connection to the would around you. Its a short cut to "knowledge" so instead of meditating for 50 years to get knowledge it, if used correctly will only take 6-10 hours. P.S- use wisely and make sure you trust who you get if from and words of wisdom you dont need a lot 1 or 2 is good if it is and the cheaper it is the better it most likely is because if its good usually the person with it wants every one to experience its greatness and my best experience it was free every time. remember it cheep like 3-5 bucks.
make sure that you really want to discover the question that you ask, because once you learn the truths they cant be unlearned and some times the answers you get will change your life forever..... they did in my life.-LSD
by your inner self June 29, 2010
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LSD (D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) is a synthetic hallucigenic drug, although it doesn't produce hallucinations but more severe distortions of the senses and thinking.

It was synthized By Albert Hoffman from Ergotamine which is found in the deadly poisonous Ergot Fungus that used to grow on crops. it gives hallucinations and gangreen.

LSD's treshhold dose is 25 micrograms. Common taken doses are about 100 micrograms. It is usually taken in the form of paper blotters; small pieces of absorbant paper with some liquid LSD sprayed on them.

The effects are mood-changes, a lot of them, visual tracers, colors, synthesia, and other 'distortions' of the senses. With higher doses everything seems to melt, move and change around you. Your thoughts become bizarre and often confused.
Very low doses give the feeling of being stoned.
The effects last 8 to 12 hours, depending on the dose and the indifidual.

There have been accidents on LSD, even suicides, but compared to other drugs not many at all.

It was used mostly in the 60th's, untill it got made illigal and people started speading nonsense about it.

It can cause schitzophrenia in sensitive people; and post-traumatic stress after a bad trip (which means nothing more then that you fought of the effect too mch) and in some cazes flashbacks (random comming back of the effect).

Lsd is not very dangerous, its not poisionous and its LD50 is far above the user dose. The psychological effects are more dangerous in that. You need almost grams to get you killed and take micrograms as effect. Blotters of paper can not contain enough of other drugs to give you dangerous ammounts of that.

Psysically it causes a raised bloodpressure, faster heartbeat, temperature increase, sweatyness, thighning of the neckmuscles and sometimes nausea and dizzyness. Most people hardly notice this trough the mind-effects.

Should still be used with causion.
They tripped of LSD yesterday and said they had great visuals.
by One of Them with no Name. January 18, 2006
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