The illest bad rapper who grew up in back bay and now lives in a Mini Village
"Yo whos that ill new rapper whos hit single 'rap smart'is gonna be burnin up tha charts?"
"Yo thats MCH"
"Fo shizzle"
by Brian May 21, 2003
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The best damn rapper ever he could beat 50 cent in a rap battle. He even knows the truth (meaning pierce)
Yo its MCH you know how I do my r
by MCH numba1 fan May 22, 2003
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no 1 could ever take nothing from MCH. hes the illest rapper dat ever wrote songs, had his rets pay a whole lot of money so he could make CD's that have to be copyed by some one else so they will ever be sold, because MCH is 2 much of a pussy to sell them his slef. And then when the kid who basily stold MCH's cd sold them, made and kept all the money MCH did nothing. MCH is the illest rapper that ever went through all the shit. He came from the Back Bay also. Now we know where he gets all the Thuggen lryics from his song. But watch out MCH is known to hang out with a pretty crazy black kid who is knows to put on a thong and dance for the camra once in a wile. So dont make MCH madd.
by !@#$%^&*() June 09, 2003
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