The drug that ruined my sister's life, and put many of my friends out of their heads for good. It's not a bad drug because it makes you go crazy or gives you flashbacks (it only does that sometimes), but it's a bad drug because it BRAINWASHES you into thinking you have some higher knowledge than everyone else and are in touch with some higher power; you basically think your mind is being opened when in reality your perception is so narrowed that you can't see anything in real terms, only in terms of how it relates to Acid/LSD and you base you entire life around so-called "values" you supposedly develop from being under LSD's influence. A fucking waste of time and life if you ask me.
LSD is the tool of a failed group of idealist who still believe they're living in the sixties.
by Rotten_Ralph December 22, 2005
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OMG it's like the total opposite of DSL!!!
by John Candy March 11, 2005
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In Geography, LSD is an abbreviation of Long Shore Drift. In other words, it is the movement of sediments and material along a shoreline by means of wave action. In this case the waves meet the shoreline at an angle, where the swash is greater than the backwash, thus pushing sediments along the beach in a zig-zag motion.
"The wooden groynes are build on the beach to slow down the LSD, and allow the sediments to be deposited on the beach."
by h4Nz April 20, 2006
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Long, slow distance; a training method for long distance running that involves running distances longer, and at a slower pace, than those of races. This is used to build up stamina.
Michael ran 10 miles of LSD for pracrice so he would not feel exhausted in the upcoming 6 mile race.
by Julian Lennon September 9, 2005
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Lead Singer Disease

People who think just because their the vocals of the band...they ARE the band..and dont need the rest to support them. They feel they should have less work then anyone in the band due to this and could do a solo, when in fact, they are the worst member and the backups make them sound good
by Leed Sing-ers Di-zee-ss August 19, 2003
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Little Stalker Dude, a small boy who follows girls around, repeatedly asking them whether or not they are mud wrestlers.
LSD: "You look amazing."
Girl: *shudder*
by icky vicky November 13, 2004
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A badass jewelry line made by Lana Scolaro
Yo man, where do I buy an LSD bracelet and Sspython
by sw!m November 9, 2016
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