If you have someone whose name starts with an S, and you're feeling a lot of love for them some day, you're having a Love insert name from S Day.
Me, to a person named Sarah: oh my god Sarah I love you so much! It's like I'm having an LSD!
by Aelin-ish February 7, 2019
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Lakewood Staring Disorder
People who can’t seem to stop judging you and wont stop staring. When someone won’t look away and is silently judging you then may have LSD. LSD is most common in Lakewood women and girls.
Omg that kid won’t stop staring at us she must have LSD
by Shelovesreadingbooks September 2, 2022
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A$AP Rocky: Baby, i’m just rappin to this LSD
by Jizzlemynizzlesnickers January 3, 2020
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this LSD is some power gear mate
by fatflapsliv September 8, 2018
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A$AP Rocky´s synonym for Love+Sex+Dreams
It takes place in, feeelin´ that you crave doin´ love, sex, dreams = LSD (l$d)
by SAD! June 22, 2018
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When you’ve taken an abnormal amount of LSD (Acid) and the day(s) after, your stomach hurts a lot, almost unbearable, headache, fatigue, vomiting, getting grossed out by the smell/look of food or a beverage.
I feel sick as fuck, it’s just an LSD hangover though”
by pooperz August 27, 2022
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