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Bro that chick on tv is so hot, I just got an LRB.

Chad: Yo Devin can you get the nachos from the microwave
Devin: Nah bro I'm packin a fat LRB
by Sneakyscuba69 June 08, 2017
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Little Rat Bastard

An abbreviation often used by correctional or mental health staff to refer to an adolescent inmate, client or patient that is unusually uncooperative, defiant, deviant, or combative.
"Inmate #2556, elopement precaution, history of fire setting and cruelty to animals and a general LRB."
by roadkill May 30, 2005
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Little Rich Bitch - A young woman who is growing up with Daddy's credit card, has her "own" car, living in a big house and thinking she is better than those who aren't lucky enough to be privileged in that way. She expects somewhat expensive dates, rides in cars that aren't clunkers and gifts. Usually not fat, yet. These are high-maintenance, good-looking broads who usually aren't worth it.
That LRB walking up here expecting me to pay for dinner.
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by JokerDog December 19, 2018
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