Maurice Richards, better known as "Rich Boy," is a rapper from Mobile, Alabama. He is best known for his debut single "Throw Some D's." First album was the self-titled "Rich Boy." Easily recognizable by his extreme southern drawl and lyrics & beats that go hard as fuck. Other singles include "Boy Looka Here," and "Let's Get This Paper."
Rich Boy sellin' crick, folk niggas wanna jick, shit tight no stick, just bought a Cadilic
by Sputnikk0000 November 5, 2008
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A male kid typically in middle school who wears Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren. His Apple Watch is literally attached to his skin. Also is a Lord Of literally every meme in existence.
Tim is a rich boi. His doctors tried to remove his AirPods and Apple Watch, but failed miserably, and had to give him a Ralph Lauren cast.
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The sexiest kind of boy there is. On their own, they might not look that great, but if you put them in $100 jeans and a BMW, half the female population will happily have sex with them. This is because, as Good Charlotte sang, girls dont like boys; girls like cars and money. It is true, thus rich boys are sexy. Very, very, sexy.
Bob was at least 50 lbs. overweight and showered an average of twice a month. He liked to sit in class and talk to a hand puppet and get from place to place by hopping. I thought Bob was weird and gross. Then I realized he drove a new Range Rover and was a very rich boy. Now I think Bob is very hot.
by lacoste_lover July 27, 2006
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An overpriveliged middle-class teenager who has never known a minute's want or true adversity in his life, yet is also for some strange reason covetous of the arduous existences of others. He reconciles his lack of real-world experience with his burning desire for some kind of excitement in his white-bread, $100 allowance a week existence by spending the majority of his time listening to terrible, angst-ridden rock music at a highly innapropriate volume whilst playing CS on the absurdly over-powered PC his dad bought for him.
In Marx's time religion was the opiate of the people, now it seems we have electronic entertainments to perform the same function. Go figure.
by moley May 17, 2003
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Clean Rich Boy (CRB) is a term originally coined by the Reesykle community. It means a person who generated his wealth without harming the environment.
He made his money in renewable energy, he's a clean rich boy.

He was balls deep in SYCLE and became a clean rich boy.
by cryptoapegod December 30, 2022
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A boosted League of Legends player/Youtuber who tries to be funny and good at League but is cringy and bad as fuck.
Rich Boi Redmercy paid their enemies to feed so he can upload this video.
by Terksaer January 16, 2018
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