We're as deep south as they come and we have the funniest accent you've ever heard, but you love it.
We shouldnt even qualify as the south because when you come here, you enter another country. When you ask for a coke we ask "what kind?" and its not a sub or a hoagie, its a po-boy. Our beaches are contaminated and there are 8 different pronunciations of the word "water." Its New Orleans not "New Orleeens" and we use north and south to tell directions, not left and right. No one knows how to use a blinker, and you can't make a left turn anywhere in the city. We love our LSU tigers although there are still some Tulane fans, and Skip Bertman will ALWAYS be our baseball coach, no matter if he's dead or alive. We shoot firecrackers when they say "the rockets red glare" in the National Anthem and the Saints will always be our team (even when they win the super bowl...we'll complain about how long it took). I don't care where you live, you can't beat our seafood (especially the crawfish) and nothing is good without a little tony cacheries on it. I'm from LOUISIANA and no matter if our schools are failing, our politics are dirty, and our biggest city is underwater, there AIN'T no place like home!

Louisiana is the best place in the world
by Mike. M October 9, 2005
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A very unusual state. I am a proud native. Diverse culture and great food. Sorry, there are not alot of rednecks or mullets like mentioned above. I am from the southwest side where you have great Cajun food. People are very friendly and courteous in Louisiana. Hope Louisiana gets back on it's feet after these hurricanes--Rita and Katrina. Rebuild Louisiana and come back stronger.
No other state like Louisiana. Go Tigers!
by 300zx fanatic April 3, 2006
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Contrary to popular northern belief, we do NOT all live on house boats, have pet alligators, or travel to school in pirouges. Crawfish, is NOT a crayfish or a bug, it is a delcicous shellfish esspecially when boiled with lots of seasoning, and dipped in a mixture of kethcup, mayo, tony's, and tobasco. One more thing, "yall" is not strange, or hick talk. It is just a contraciton using the words "you" and "all." Oh, and the Saints are not just New Orleans' team, they are all of Louisiana and parts of Mississippi and Alabama's team. I am proud to be from Louisiana and call it home. It is somewhere where it is an instant reaction to use words like "yes mamn," and "no mamn," please and thankyou, without realizing it. Manners are important here, no matter how much class you may think you have or not. And Louisiana is where when the gass prises are high we are happy, this means our state economy is doing really well. If you have'nt been to Louisiana (or were too scared that you would experience a culture shock) come on down we don't bite!
I love Louisiana!
by Peace*Love*Dance February 18, 2010
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Louisiana-cool name, cool place, kind of the best place ever. hey , we got parishes and yall dont.
in louisiana we got gators comin out our ears.
by t-dubbs April 17, 2006
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Louisiana has some of the nicest people I've ever seen. I'm from North Louisiana and I've traveled alot. I'm used to waving to people and getting a wave back, only in Louisiana. That's southern generosity for you :) Nothing like nice Southern people with funny accents. So if your visiting Louisiana, don't be afraid to wave to us, We'll wave right back and problaby strike up a conversation with you that consists of more knowledge about our personal lives than you ever wanted to know.
Northerner: *wave
Louisianian: *wave, How are you today?
N: Very well
L: well me too! Are you hungry? Im makin some dinner if you'd like to eat with us tonight!
N: *so taken aback, his head explodes

Thats that southern Generosity from Louisiana for you!
by Noah of LA July 25, 2006
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a poor ass state that i am proud to call home.home of the LSU tigers and the TULANE greenwave. no other state is like us. we are second in the amount of tourist draw (those dame hawians are first)and in my opinion we are the most cultural state in the union.
Louisiana kicks the ass of any state.
by cajunman December 17, 2003
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Population: 4,468,976

Like many other places in the U.S., Louisiana in recent years has become a land of casinos -- lots of casinos. But unlike some areas, Louisiana has plenty of other attractions to complement gambling. In fact, we find it hard to stand in front of a slot machine when there are so many other things to experience.

There's New Orleans, of course, one of the country's most distinctive cities and the home of extravagant carnival traditions, transcendent restaurants and exceptional music. And there's Cajun Country, another place unto itself and another place where food and dancing are a way of life as much as they are sustenance and entertainment. Practically anywhere you go in the state, Louisiana's heritage figures prominently, visible in restored antebellum homes and in the small towns that line the Mississippi.
Louisiana is the best place in the world.
by UrbanDictionary.com MOD December 14, 2003
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