A amazing cool family which are cool and caring and have military in there blood and they are a big happy family
Oh, that Bertman family is really cool isn’t it?
by Abcdabcdabcdefg June 07, 2020
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a bertman is a person that usually drinks execessively. makes babys,excutes in crime related subjects,robs trains,smokes weed,always being acused,does or did smack,blow,crack,crank,possibly heroin on regualar basis,shoplifts,carries bazooka's, hand grenade, and lots of condom's usually has a 14 year old club we dont have any information about the club but if you hear anything about it run If you seen a bertman dontlet him get near you. Run fast call police as soon as possible call police. His friends are Mr George,doey,kelle aka horsesass watch out for a fellow named mick he kills people on a day to day basis
A bertman is sometimes a under-rated criminal seems nice but dont let him near you
by Prince Albert December 21, 2003
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Sexy Peurto Rican with a big cock,sumone who is good in bed.Also is the best person in the world,always there for his girlfriend when she needs him.He is perfect n i luv him
by Mandy August 08, 2004
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