LOFL stands for "L-O-fucking-L" or "Laugh out fucking loud". Used when LOL just isn't enough.
If someone sends you something realllly funny, and lol just won't do, you would say, "LOFL"
by Aline Olivie November 6, 2013
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you: hey, look what I did
me: LOFL, your too funny
by Sweet-Thing June 15, 2011
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Acronym for "laugh out fucking loud."

That joke made me really LOFL.
by LB6 January 11, 2007
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Az was sad until a LOFL came to her.
by tuds April 6, 2009
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He was LOFL over his friend who was fucking wasted.
by Siigari October 11, 2009
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lol on the floor laughing
Often the result of a typo or "Goon" who has their lols and rofls mixed-up
Then he landed on some crates and we lofl for hours
by Cathy Rindhoops October 5, 2007
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