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A fast slap shot in the game of hockey. Goaltenders avoid these type of shots.
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by Cja17 June 04, 2016
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A stripper who is able to make her ass shake so vigorously that the cheeks clap, or the ass that claps.
Buffie the Body is a serious clapper.
I'll drop a dollar on a clapper with a snapper.
by Biguno August 31, 2006
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A girl with a phat ass that when you hit it, that shit claps
I saw this girl the other day, and I just thought she has a clapper
by Michaelsishehwoen October 17, 2017
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In beauty pageants, someone who did not make the cut for the Top spots (and thus will not move on to the next round)
Some countries will surely send clappers for this year's Miss Universe pageant.
by rxlxm June 23, 2011
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a muthafuckin pop thing, a gun...that set a nigga straight type shit
when a gun is fired it claps so there fore the gun is a clapper
by rashad May 01, 2004
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