2 girls that lowkey like each but keep it lowkey so they call each other lesbian lovers
Emma:Liza is my lesbian lover
Liza:Emma is my lesbian lover
by oOga_BoOgA¡ June 28, 2018
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what two best friends that just happen to be girls call themselvwes
Sam:Candise will you be my lesbian lover?
Canise:But of coruse but we shalln't tell Sapdy he musent find out.
by bitch chick November 23, 2003
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Two or more women who are attracted towards each other and may indulge in sexual activity.
Dan:Dude, did u hear? Jenna and Emily are lesbian lovers now.
James:Yeah, i saw them hook up with melia the other day, i
think melia might be one too.
Dan:What a couple of dykes.
by Bukkake frosted cornflakes August 25, 2006
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someone who loves lesbians and loves to jackoff to lesbian porn
did you see that LESBIAN LOVER jacking off to that porn the other day it only took him 2 seconds to fuckin spluge all over the tv
by special ed March 25, 2005
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When you and your best friend cuddle like sexy lesbians
Jocelyn and Courtney had the lesbian lover cuddle going on last night !
by Dilhole13 July 16, 2014
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