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1. Legally pimped- a term to describe the act of pimping, legally.
2. Legitly pimped: Pimping in a legit manner.
these 2 terms are commonly used by people who are emo, amazing, or have extremely high voices.
Paul: Look at that dude, hes pimping right in front of those cops.
Shane: Woah, thats crazy, hes so LGP.

Ross: Dude, when he said he was a pimp, he wasnt kidding.
Chad: Ya dude, i see him at every club i go to.
Ross: hes so LGP
by Wizards SUCK September 11, 2011
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Adjective - Low Grade Pussy (LGP)

Used to describe a girl who is indiscriminate about whom she sleeps with, and/or a girl who has had sex with multiple partners over a relatively short amount of time.

Can also be used to describe female who continually breaks up with her bf, claims to be over him, then sleeps with him within a week.
Dude One: "Man! She is soo hot!"
Dude Two: "I wouldn't hit that..that's some LGP right there."

Person: "She's def LGP"
by friedsushi December 06, 2010
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LGP means Latins or Latinos Going Platinum based off Big Pun's lyrics for "We Don't Care" featuring Terror Squad.
I can't believe that Urban Dictionary doesn't have this definition. I've been LGP since '83.
by Mescla April 14, 2010
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-Pedophile Slang-
Pedophile 1: yo i want some lgp we should get some lgp tonight.
Pedophile 2: Lets take em' back to my house!
Pedophile 1: Thats good, the cops will never look there.
by Pedophile 1 July 28, 2008
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Little Ginger Prick: refers to ginger-haired pricks of the little variety.
c0nzy is an LGP. Paul Scholes is an LGP.
by c0nzysanlgp March 13, 2007
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